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Application Services

Application Development

Gyan's application development capabilities help you maximize your investments in custom software. Our spectrum of offerings in application development spans across Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)- starting from assessing to design, build, upgrade, test, integrate and up to maintenance of software systems and processes to ensure you achieve a necessary competitive advantage. 

Our custom application development expertise helps you to develop, sustain or modernize your mission-critical applications that address your critical business needs. Whether your challenge is to create a web-based application, improve existing automated processes, more effectively manage business and financial functions, migrate legacy applications or design a system that provides you with a competitive advantage.- Gyan Web Solutions can offer you a time-tested solution.

Gyan's technology excellence is further reinforced by our partnership with Microsoft and as a Silver Competency Partner and a member of the Sun Partner Advantage Program. Together, our partnership had created a sustainable value advantage to our clients. Our global staff has deep and broad experience in both Java and .Net competencies and provide solutions to challenges ranging from designing systems, developing and integrating applications, enhancing existing applications with new features and functionality to web and portal development. We also host and operate Java Center of Excellence and Microsoft Center of Excellence at our development centers.


Enterprise Application Integration

A major challenge for many businesses is to have effective and efficient communication with a versatile and dynamic supply chain that involves a host of customers and partners. Gyan's Enterprise Application Integration expertise helps you identify the challenges you face in successfully integrating your supply chain and ensuring that all your communication systems speak one language. Our team is experienced in identifying the most appropriate data exchange and integration tool, which allows you to integrate your internal data with other systems' data by reconfiguring the information into a common language.

Our team has substantial expertise with the BizTalk data integration tool from Microsoft. Our mastery of BizTalk and other integration tools combines with our architecture consulting expertise, custom application interface skills, implementation strategies and migration efforts to ensure that your system compatibility issues are maximizing, not hindering, your firm's growth potential.


Application re-engineering

Legacy systems are either being completely replaced by newer systems or reengineered to extend their lifetime to avoid huge investments. These systems are neither scalable nor can be interfaced easily to the newer systems. Other problems may include systems running on antiquated hardware, significant decrease in performance and lack of documentation.

Gyan's expertise in reengineering of complex systems encompassing various domains guarantees complete satisfaction to the customers. We have reengineered enterprise level systems for cases where there was scarce or no documentation available. Our reengineering services include:

  • Helping the customer make “buy vs. reengineer” decision via a thorough discovery process which includes Gap analysis and road mapping
  • Making sure the customers do not face any downtime in their business. The transformation and integration is seamless to provide business continuity
  • Optimizing system performance. We use various methods for sniffing out performance bottlenecks and fix them as part of performance tuning
  • Platform migration of enterprise level systems
  • Extending the existing features to do more to meet today’s business needs


Application Fine-tuning and Maintenance

Gyan Web Solutions’ expertise in optimizing performance, security and management of enterprise web applications and systems is best in class. We have helped our customers maintain their existing applications and optimize their operational efficiency through enhanced responsiveness, usability and security. Some of the services we provide as part of our Application Maintenance are:

  • Extend functionality and fix existing issues/roadblocks
  • Improve system performance by using state-of-the-art development and deployment standards
  • Usability experts analyze the system and provide recommendation to the development team for improving layout, navigation and overall user-experience of the system
  • Safeguard systems from attacks both from within and outside the network
  • Transform the application to comply with regulations stipulated by governing bodies. E.g. HIPAA, HITECH, PCI etc
  • Integration with disparate systems to have data at a centralized location for Business Intelligence, Operational reporting and analytics