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Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Independent Software Vendors face a constant need to update and upgrade technology within their product life cycle. At Gyan Web Solutions, we think that constant support for ever-evolving business models ensures that ISVs can seamlessly grow their enterprise.
Gyan's specialized services help ISVs to stay innovative and become competitive and agile by offering services such as

  • Cloud and SaaS engineering
  • Data and business analytics
  • Mobility
  • Platform migration

These specialized services offered along with outsourced product engineering services ensure that Gyan Web Solutions works with ISVs as a trusted IT partner for:

  • Product development
  • Independent validation and verification
  • Performance engineering
  • Custom engineering
  • Sustenance engineering

Horizontal ISVs
Gyan's expertise in product engineering, SOA and migrations help many ISVs remain competitive and retain their customers. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Pricing

Vertical ISVs
Gyan Web Solutions' domain and technical expertise help ISVs engineer innovative products, add features, accelerate go-to-market and remain competitive. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance

Our track record

  • Increased market reach of a behavioral web-based reference checking product suite for a pioneer
  • Support a cloud based hospital based health system that serves 2+ million users in the USA
  • Support a cloud based Pharmacy Benefit Management system that serves 5+ million users in the USA
  • Assured product quality and faster time-to-market for a leading insurance firm, serving 5+ million users in the USA, by applying an outcome based testing model


Iterative Enterprise

Gyan's development approach offers multiple advantages of an iterative and fast-paced process. Such process ensures that enterprises plan and implement critical solutions with a definite visibility on the time to develop and time to release the feature. Gyan Web Solutions helps customers in defining strategies to execute enterprise level projects. Our best practices and governance models help in increased communication, coordination and collaboration between globally distributed teams. Our focus on shorter delivery cycles mitigates risk and ensures corrective actions can be put in place to meet with release timelines.
Our approach is based on industry standard methodologies with a good balance of engineering and project management practices. 

Gyan's enterprise level expertise provides our customers:

  • Requirement based offering customization
  • Constant reviews to improve code quality, adaptability and extensibility of software
  • Risk mitigation through practices such as continuous integration, configuration management and testing
  • Increased visibility and predictability through centralized configuration management, frequent deliveries and early risk identification and mitigation

Our differentiators

  • The right set of tools and platforms for distributed development and implementation of appropriate metrics to measure the progress of projects
  • Collaborative governance to facilitate timely decisions and support actions to distributed teams
  • Assessments and coaching to enhance agility in teams

Our solution ecosystem enables creation, distribution, purchase and consumption of content a possibility today. This ensures that existing IT systems can be harnessed and reached by utilizing them to the optimum level. 


Scalable Workflow Solutions

Enterprises constantly optimize performance of their IT systems and applications and continue to increase reduce the maintenance of these systems.  Gyan Web Solutions collaborates with customers to understand their business, technology, processes and applications while delivering robust application maintenance solutions. 

Our solutions help customers to have efficient support organizations by identifying the right applications for maintenance and outsourcing. This helps customers to reduce cost, minimize risk, optimize application portfolio and achieve improved ROI. Our service offerings include:

Maintenance solution services: Our maintenance services teams ensure that an appropriate maintenance plan is applied to the solutions, increase stability and availability of IT systems. Our documentation process ensures that IT systems provide supporting documentation that ensures coverage on referenced models and business processes. 

Application development services: Our on-demand application services ensure that customers can choose a development strategy that fits their requirements. We help our customers by documenting various business processes through our discovery services and present customers with a variety of options for development including colocation based development, remote location based development for rapid development and reduced time on the product development.  Our services include scalability assessment, portfolio analysis and sourcing strategy. Our Technology expertise covers Microsoft technologies, J2EE, Java, databases, Scripting languages.

Gyan Web Solutions collaborates with customers in integrating mobile business processes and IT strategy with an objective to:

  • Reach customers through extended offerings
  • Collaborate closely with business partners
  • Enhance workforce productivity on support systems

Gyan's in-depth knowledge across multiple domains allows us to deliver high quality and scalable enterprise  solutions tailored to the requirements and needs of the domain. Gyan Web Solutions defines architects, builds and delivers user friendly mobility solutions. Our solutions are device and technology agnostic and enable clients to efficiently create, share and consume relevant information on the move.

Our track record

  • Achieved 99.95% uptime, driving growth in online sales for a leading Online Pharmaceutical and Health Living services company
  • Re-design and re-write of business processes to drive growth for a leading Online Reference Management services company
  • Reduced the total cost of ownership of several applications, by providing application maintenance and support for a leader in the insurance domain
  • Provided cost and risk reductions, along with improved customer satisfaction for a top ranked insurance company
  • Reduced the analysis and valuation time, enabling higher revenue generation for a Payer working with a health insurance major


The BPM M aturity model

Gyan Web Solutions can help define a BPM Maturity Model and provide the necessary expertise to move higher up the chain. We will use BPM to better comply, manage and inform, while simultaneously assisting our customers in achieving a higher BPM maturity level. Gyan not only automates processes but creates an ecosystem where process improvement, control and execution are constantly evolving and incremental value is always being extracted from the investments made in IT Infrastructure and Systems.

Gyan Web Solutions achieves all the above objectives using our experience with building enterprise business applications through informed selection and use of appropriate products from the plethora of BPM Suites in the market, our iterative Implementation Methodology tailored for BPM applications and our experienced and certified engineering staff.

Gyan's BPM practice allows organizations to extract business process from technology infrastructure. Our BPM practice is far evolved than business process automation using software and tools or business problem solving. Over the years Gyan's BPM solutions have helped our clients respond to changes in the market and consumer behaviors and regulatory demands in significantly faster timelines.

Our trained BPM consultants aim at focusing on industry-leading products, tools and related frameworks, to help enterprises to really start enjoying the benefits of BPM – by making the design, build and support of applications and systems simple, repeatable and effective. Our unique BPM maturity we have the right solution for our clients.