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Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Most market analysts agree on at least $5 billion being spent on licenses alone in 2011, The BPMS market is the second fastest growing middle-ware market segment. During the next 5 to 10 years, BPM will usher in a world where business users and IT will use declarative, model driven approaches for managing work, resulting in applications that will require little or no coding. What remains to be seen is how successful the early adopters of BPM would be? Most of the leading global enterprises have invested significant sums in transforming their businesses through BPM. However, owing to the issues around lack of industry standardization and difficulty in integrating with the existing systems, majority of them have not been able to achieve all that they set out to.


Workflow Management Systems

Gyan’s workflow solution makes business routines become more accurate by eliminating possibility of manual error, faster and more streamlined. Following are some features we provide as part of our Workflow Management Software:

  • A process definition tool defining the business process
  • Task initiation and control
  • Rules based decision making sub-system
  • Resource or document routing
  • Invocation of applications to create, update and view data
  • Task queues for users
  • Invoking tasks automatically based on events or scheduling
  • Notifications module
  • Process monitoring
  • Administration, security and logging