Gyan Web Solutions | Insurance

Agent & Broker Portals

Gyan Web Solutions' offerings include the following:
User Centric Tools and Services: We build portals which enable the insurance agents, brokers, and end consumers, easy access to their portals. 

Channelized Publishing and Administration: We publish content through a CMS or any other unique user interface to all other affiliated digital assets and websites. 

Compliance: We comply with US Insurance laws and regulations using automated workflow and templates.

Brand Synchronization: We can design the portal with the same visual identity as its affiliated websites/brand guidelines.


Claims processing & Adjudication, Benefits Administration

Claims Processing Gyan Web Solutions’ demonstrated experience in the Insurance Claims Processing offering, spans through some of the high potential quarters such as medical billing, coding, and health insurance claims processing. Our global delivery capabilities and experienced team of insurance domain experts operating across our worldwide offices have provided an advantage to quickly turn around and provide a quality output to our clients' medical claims processing cycle.

The following are some of the benefits realized by our clients-

  • Improved operational efficiency and considerably shorter medical claims processing cycle
  • Responding to process changes much faster and with lesser costs
  • Claims standardization and reduction in manual processing and enhanced productivity
  • Effective tracking and fraud detection and tracking reinsurer's recoverable
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Adjudications Our capabilities include the real-time/near real-time claim adjudication for all professional claims. Our capabilities around claim adjudication provide our clients an interactive transactional experience. Our clients have realized the following benefits through our association for their claim adjudication programs-

  • Reduces administrative time and processing costs
  • Reduced manual and paper based transactions and telephonic interactions for updates
  • Lessened reconciliation activity for physician, patient and other stakeholders of the process


Policy Administration Frameworks

Gyan Web Solutions has proven experience with clients of varied sizes and implementation patterns. Our defined roadmaps solve policy administration challenges of world insurers, regardless of the complexity of the project or model of implementation.

The following are some of the benefits realized by our clients:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Customized roadmap driven approach to suit their business process
  • Consistency and predictability
  • Easy to integrate


E-Forms and Workflow Management

The growing risk of information security is relatively high in the manual processing and physical storage of insurance forms. Paper-based forms are also expensive, as well as uneconomical.

Gyan Web Solutions has proven experience in helping the world insurers convert their existing paper based forms to electronic forms (e-forms) and thereby saving manual effort, operational and logistical costs with enhanced information security.

The following are some of the benefits that our clients have realized with our E-forms and workflow solution-

  • Secured and efficient storage and retrieval of E-Forms
  • Easy and simple forms management platform easy transfer and authorization, classification and capture
  • Integrated workflow management system to enable automation, authentication, efficient and streamlined business process
  • Increased visibility and control over the online order, online credit and accounts payable process