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Change has been a synonym for challenge in the Mobile Technology over the years. Especially in the recent years, rise of smartphones, increasing consumerization of IT and the new generation tech-savvy workforce demands towards a more sophisticated and easily accessible application platform has opened gates to a host of opportunities in Mobile Application development for software vendors. Mobile devise manufacturers and service providers, semiconductor and the application services vendors OEMs are under tremendous pressure to differentiate themselves in-terms of the user interface and leverage of the evolved and next gen operating platforms such as – Android and other open source platforms.


Gyan Web Solutions' Expertise

Gyan's technical expertise and its sophisticated approach in the process of mobile application developments have earned us an expert recognition in this field. Most technology firms that require an advanced mobile application always turn to us for our proven and successful solutions in this domain.

Our development, testing and creative design team is dedicated and flexible to working at offshore and onsite delivery models. At Gyan Web Solutions we look our customers as our partners and are committed to meet your challenging needs of your Tech savvy stakeholders.


What we are building today…

The mobile apps we develop at Gyan Web solutions can build cross-platform mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry in various categories including:

  • Business
  • Social Media
  • Games
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Tools Utilities
  • Medical Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Online Shopping


Quality and Security...

At Gyan Web Solutions we keep in mind various mobile operating systems and how their features impact applications. We understand that mobile development is an entirely different ball-game in comparison to web application development and for that reason we have mobile application specific user experience experts. It is a reality that mobile phones have hardware limitations and Gyan Web Solutions believes in building the applications in a fashion that utilizes available resources optimally. The user experience experts play a valuable role in recommending the user interface, workflow, navigation and messages best utilizing the limited screen size.

Security is a major consideration when we design our mobile applications. For applications using and storing sensitive data we provide authentication, fraud analytics and cryptography. We make sure our applications store sensitive data on the server and not on the mobile device to eliminate the chances of sensitive data being lost or stolen. If it has to be stored on the device then it will be done with careful consideration and putting the proper security into place.

Steps we take to ensure mobile application security are:

  • Threat modeling
  • Perform thorough code reviews and penetration testing
  • Provide Authentication, Fraud analytics and cryptography
  • Make application data private from other applications
  • Make sure operating systems do not get impacted by the application
  • Control vulnerabilities